ZARFUND: The easiest way to earn Bitcoins. Click HERE


ZARFUND: The easiest way to earn Bitcoins

Do you know that 1 bitcoin = N200,300. Do you know why its value is higher than the US dollar?
In line with the culture of baba2023, we don't post things on our blog that we have not tried or tested. Any review of a product or idea that is posted here goes through a rigorous, substantive and objective tests before being recommended to our readers.The rave of the moment now is ZARFUND
and everyone is talking about it. It is one of the easiest ways through which individuals can earn bitcoins and achieve financial freedom within  a short time. After participating as a member, I can now vouch that Zarfund has come to stay. Some important points to note are:

What is Zarfund?
Zarfund is basically a voluntary donation platform. This means that the member voluntarily donate money in exchange for more donations to come to them. This is all done so voluntary and there is no admin getting involved in handling any money. This is all done member to member.

How does Zarfund work?
Zarfund is basically a 2 x 2 forced matrix. The people that join this company are people like you who are looking to succeed in making money online. The fact that the admin do not handle any of the funds that are transferred makes this a very safe and almost scam proof way to make money. All donations are voluntary so no one feels the need to make a donation to anyone, but if you don't you probably won't do as well as those who do. Zarfund is open to everyone in the world. The only thing you need is a blockchain wallet and a willingness to make and receive donations from other members. They recommend that blockchain be the only bitcoin wallet to be used because of the ease of transfers and this does not require any kind of processor like Paypal or Skrill. Get blockchain wallet at blockchain .info

Strategy 2 x 2 Upgrade Profit THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants (if you have more than 2 you can help your downline by placing these people under them)
LEVEL 1:  2 people x0.03btc=0.06btc–0.05btc(upgrade to level 2)
                    =0.01btc profit per month
LEVEL 2:  4 peoplex0.05btc = 0.2btc–0.1btc (upgrade to level 3)
                    =0.1btc profit per month
LEVEL 3:  8 people x0.1btc = 0.8btc–0.2btc (upgrade to level 4)
                    =0.6btc profit per month
LEVEL 4:  16people x0.2btc = 3.2btc–1btc (upgrade to level 5)
                    =2.2btc profit per month
LEVEL 5:  32 peoplex1btc = 32btc–2btc (upgrade to level 6)
                    =30btc profit per month
LEVEL 6:   64x2btc = 128btc profit per month

You just need 0.03 bitcoins (N 10,400) to start. Sign up, create your free account and have a closer look at what we have to offer you.
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*NOTE: It is best if you Register under a group or team! So you need a referral link of someone you know is already in the system!*
*So contact Us For your referal link! Also contact us for how to open and fund your blockchain wallet!*

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  1. Broz forget DAT trash go and join mmm

  2. This is all done so voluntary and there is no admin getting involved in handling any money. This is all done member to member.


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