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How to transfer APPS that Flash Share and Xender cannot transfer !!!

Many times you get frustrated when you see an android application on a friends phone and when you try transferring it with Flash share or Xender, you discover that the app is not even showing in your flashshare or Xender. The simple reason is that it is a system app and that means it came preinstalled in the phone. Phone manufacturers hide those apps so that you will need to buy their phones if you want their apps. Today, I will show you an easy way to work around such limitation. You can now enjoy every
app you see on another person’s phone without having the same type of phone. I have listed the steps below on How to transfer APPS that Flash Share and Xender cannot transfer:
1. Install Apk Extractor by clicking HERE.
2. After installation, click on the app to open it, you will see something like the below pic

The apps you will initially see are the normal apps that you can see when you open Flashshare or Xender.
3. To see the system apps, click the OPTIONS tab (It is one of the three tabs on the body of your android phone. I have circled it red in the pic below.

4. After clicking the Options Tab, you will see a list like the one in the pic below

5.Click SHOW SYSTEM APPS, You will now see the apps that ordinarily you cannot see because they are inbuilt in the phone.
6. Scroll and look for the app you want to transfer, when you see it, Press your finger on the app and hold it for 4 seconds, you will something like this pic below pop up.

7. Click on SEND APK, it will now open up a list of apps that you can use to send, choose BLUETOOTH, your phone will then search for any Bluetooth device that is ON and then connect with it.
8. Once the Bluetooth transfer is finished, you can then install the app on the other phone that received the application. That is all.

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